Sweaty Palms Like The First Day of High School

I’m breathing deeply. Swaying from side to side and thinking… Seriously… Am I really  going to jump into the ocean full of sharks, big fishes, whales and even worse (in my head) a bunch of little fishes like me? Blogs are hard. Idea generation is hard. Taking the first step is hard. I mean damn it, everything seems hard. And impossible. And so far away. And generally as close to obtaining as touching the moon with my bare hand. And lets not even talk about your brain telling you how silly and stupid you sound. That’s it’s on thing in it’s own.

Okay, so I think I’ve gotten that all out of my chest. I’m Keandra and this is Mysteriously Possible a sort of myth busting full fledged “go after your dreams/ do or die” blog. A social accountable blog. A place where I experiment with pushing the limit of what is considered possible.

At the time of this writing i’m 100% sure that NO ONE is seeing this. As I A) haven’t told a soul I’ve started a blog and B) know nothing about SEO so can pretty much bet that I’m ranked on Googles 8,393,593,299,392 page. Which is cool.  Less pressure Less pressure.

For future readers who some how discover this blog may you gather hope, courage and audacity to push yourself over the edge and get as uncomfortable with the unfamiliar as I am at this moment. May you find the thing you live for, dream a whole lot and have goals and plans that seems so impossible that they make your palms sweat.

All in all enjoy. I have absolutely no idea the direction of blog but I am happy it’s even started.

Welcome to Mysteriously Possible.

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