Goooddbbyyeee Social Media Helllooo Time

My New Years Resolution has been to take my time back. I imagine my relationship with time as a struggling battle. I picture social media soldiers (who in my head look like king and queen cards who stand up and walk) battling it out with self help books and Buddha. I imagine myself look across the battle field (which happens to be a Checker board. Please don’t ask me why…) at Captain Time who is staring back at me with a cold stare. He’s staring at me with a clock on his chests that constantly keeps ticking reminding me that time is going past. Every second, every minute and every hour is going.

Whether we are paying attention or not. Every moment gives a chance to make a decision on what we will do with it. Will we aimlessly browse Facebook liking our friends New Years post or some sort of quote porn that revolves around changing our lives or will we make bold, focused actions and decisions that put us closer to our end goal

Life is a journey. It’s a bunch of Oh’s and Ah’s and Ouchs, and Darnits and Finally’s and About Damn Times. It’s happening now in real time. Not behind a screen. Not on Facebook not on Snapchat and not on Twitter. It’s happening when you almost burn the chicken in the kitchen or when friends come over unexpectedly or when you find out you actually did miracously stay the same weight although this past Christmas you binged like never before.

My New Years resolution is pretty simple it involves staying here – in the present while occasionally visiting there – the future. .

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