Inspiration Without Replication: 3 Mistakes New Bloggers Make When First Starting A Blog


“So if I sprinkle a bit of this and a bit of that and oh I have to have that, my blog will surely be like XXX”

Does that statement sound familiar? Now I know you would never intentionally replicate another person’s style but do you take the time to make sure you aren’t accidently copying? How similar is your content and design in comparison to your favorite blogger?

Our content can come from either a place of inspiration or a place of unintentional replication. What does your blog say about you?


Creating a blog too similar to your favorite blogger.

Let me start by saying no one ever intentionally copy’s another person. 

Inspiration is good and sounds something like “Hey, I love xxx I should start my own business” or “Man xxx is fit I think it’s time to hit the gym too”. We are all inspired by something at one time or another in our life. Without it, I’m pretty sure none of us would be doing much of anything.

However, inspiration becomes replication if we find ourselves creating content with very little, if any, differences from our favorite blogger. Besides “Copyright Infringement” (a big bummer) we basically rob ourselves of the opportunity to get to the core of our truest self and develop content that appeals to our specific audience.

Below are things to ask yourself before the creative process begins. The below questions will ensure that you are creating your pieces from a place of inspiration and not replication.

  1. After reading my favorite blog, how can I articulate myself through my writing that reflects my own person opinion on the subject matter?
  2. What about the piece that I read do I find most appealing and useful for my audience?
  3. While putting together my piece will I be able to deliver my piece in a unique way that shows my understanding of the subject matter?
  4. Is this next creative project advantageous to my overall end goal for my site or would this be a project that deflects from my end goal?


Consuming too much information preventing one’s self from finding their inner voice. 

We are in a time when information is everywhere. We get information on our tv’s, our phones, the newspaper, water cooler talks at work, you name it. Because of this overabundance of information, it’s hard to screen out the things we want vs. the things we don’t.

Now think about all the information we consciously consume in our pursuit to become a blogger. As a new blogger, we are consuming exuberant amounts of information from everywhere. We get fascinated with everything we read, view or hear and like the cookie monster we stuff all of this information in our heads in hopes that we can use it at another time. This can be harmful when creating a blog if we do not take the time to sit down and analyze what we want our blog to be about. A blog hastily created is more susceptible to issues of imitation.

Ways To Combat This

  1. Before starting your blog. Take a day or so to outline what you want your first few articles to be about. Really think about the things you are interested in.
  2. Unplug from the information you have been consuming in order to give your mind time to formulate it’s on opinions.
  3. Imagine what your blog looks like a year from now and who the readers are.


Not writing consistently enough.

We are all guilty of this. Even myself. When we first start we’re super excited, we enjoy the design, we get caught up on the look and then BAM the real work starts, the content. Content creation takes time. Are you the person that gets to the screen and starts typing only to find your mind goes blank?

Ways to Combat This

  1. Set a weekly writing goal based on what you feel can realistically be accomplished. Rome wasn’t built in one day and neither will your blog.
  2. Enjoy the writing journey. Write because you like writing not because it’s a means to an end.

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