6 Steps For Jumping Off the Cliff To Success

It’s never easy to step outside of your comfort zone. It’s never easy to shake things up. You’ve been spending X a of years doing what you believed was the right thing to do in order to be considered a normal productive member of society. But now a weird tingling feeling is occurring in your stomach and a knot has formed in your chest and a deep inner voice has said: “Hey this doesn’t feel right

You have prevously ignored these feelings for months or even years but now here it is again, showing up at the most inconvenient time of your life. A time when you should be happy with your accomplishments but you just aren’t. Please realize our inner voice always calls us at our most inconvenient times, (or so we think). Our inner voices sole purpose is to remind us of who we are and what we really want.

The below steps will help you start the journey to reaching your goals and getting one step closer to your true self.

STEP ONE: Spend At least An Hour a Day For A Week Dreaming Big.

When I say dream big I mean dream BIG. The craziest most outside of the box outlandish thoughts about who you would be if you weren’t who you are now. Where would you go? What would you do? Who would be your celebrity friends (if you had any)? How will your days start? Where would you live?

The point of dreaming big is to help you be aware of all the things that you truly want and also identify the ideas that don’t seem that far fetched and therefore can be achieved the quickest.

Example: Let’s say your biggest goals are to: open your own business,  travel the world in three months, and become a NY Times Bestseller. From those three goals identify which idea seems the most attainable in the shortest period of time and hone in on that goal. Once it’s complete move on. What you’ll find during that period of making that specific dream/goal a reality is the realization that you ca achieve all of your dreams/goals.

STEP TWO: If you haven’t already, take a note of all of the things you would like to do and research them all.

What is the time investment to achieve this goal? What would it cost? How long did it take the average person to achieve it? Is it worth my time? Will I want to invest X hours in building this up?

STEP THREE: Identify what you value the most in life.

This one is a bit more challenging. This involves digging deep to identify at the core what you live for. We all have our own core beliefs. Our decisions whether conscious or not are influenced by our core beliefs. For example, if your core belief is: Family is the most important thing to me. All decisions including work, recreation, food and friendship revolve around family. This may manifest itself in ways such as: I have to find a great job to support my family or I will only purchase organic foods because I want to keep my family healthy or in on the opposite spectrum I will not give birth or bring a human being into this world because I don’t think the world is good enough for them. The point is, your core beliefs will shape what you pursue in life and what you consider is a success.

STEP FOUR: Identify from your “Dream Big List” what possibilities align best with your core value.

During your research, you would have identified how to achieve each of the dreams that you currently have. You would have looked at the time, money and personal investment it would take it achieve it. At this step, you identify what would work best for you.

STEP FIVE: With the chosen goal. Create measurable weekly goals.

We are all busy and have our own lives, weekly to-do list ensure that we are constantly working towards our goals without feeling we are being overwhelmed. Life happens moment by moment. Take time to reflect. Think and tweak as necessarily.

STEP SIX: Do it.

Measure your progress and bathe in your glory as you realize you are one step closer to your overall life purpose. A purpose that aligns with you physically, mentally and emotionally.

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